a little bit

about me

From the Black Forest to the

White Mountains to you


I was born at the edge of the Black Forest, in Freiburg, Germany. My interest in photography began by experimenting with photograms, so-called lensless photography. More than 20 years ago I built my first camera obscura.


Borders and transitions have always pulled my interest. Thus, you will find me in that liminal space between painting and photography.


I wander within a 100 year interval, the passage between analog and digital photography. Historical photographic processes of the 19th century – Cyanotype, Vandyke, Salt Print, Photogravure – particularly fascinate me.


My subjects are taken from nature. I exhibit my work internationally, e.g. Germany, Italy, Albania, Spain, Norway, USA.


For seven years I lived in the forests of the White Mountains on the East Coast of the USA, teaching analog photography, as well as historical photographic processes of the 19th century, at Plymouth State University.


I then returned to Europe. Since 2015 I have resided in Berlin, Germany.

Further information about my work you can find here: